Kitchen Islands with Columns (15 Designs)

Below I share designs of kitchen islands with columns, including creative ways to remodel the wall space using support beams.

Kitchen with green cabinets and island support post

One of my many challenges as a designer is getting around structural supports. Sometimes, columns and beams are placed in such awkward places that it makes it a bit difficult to work around them, creating blockages in traffic or a huge unaesthetic obstruction.

Columns and beams are structural supports which I can’t really remove without ruining the structural integrity of the building – the best I can do is to reinforce support to be able to remove one, or just try to design your way around it (which is the safest option).

There are many ways to work around an awkwardly placed column, depending on its position. Since kitchens are often placed along the corners or edges of the house, it’s usually the space that has support columns. A good designer will be able to maximize the space despite the presence of a column. They can either conceal it through various built-in storage, or even make it part of the design.

Often a homeowner will want to remodel a closed in galley culinary space and create an open-plan layout. Support beams can give a room structural support without the need to run an expensive beam across the space, potential saving thousands of dollars in engineering and construction fees in the process.

The example above shows a custom kitchen island with a column in the middle going up to the ceiling. To give a sense of symmetry, they made sure that the column will be at the center of the depth of the countertop. The island carcass was then built around this plain white column, which also adds a little bit of support.

Kitchen Island With Columns to Ceiling

Another way to “hide” your columns is to match it with the culinary space or wall style so that it would look like it’s part of the design and not a structural element. You can do this by using paneling, or even simple paint finishes that matches the walls, cabinets or countertops , which would help blend it into the design of your kitchen.

You can find kitchen design software to help lay out your ideas based on the size of your floor plan and the materials, finishes and cabinetry you want.

Traditional kitchen with white cabinets, blue island with support beam

Because this culinary space has a classic country-style design with detailed cabinet paneling, the column at the end of the island was also clad in white paneling to match the cabinets used to conceal the pantry storage & fridge. The result is that the column looks more like an archway placed there on purpose instead of an awkwardly-located column.

Open concept kitchen with support columns

This rustic country-style culinary space has two large columns placed in between the living room and the culinary space. Because of its size, the long island on the side facing the living area will have one column smacked right in the middle of its length. So that it doesn’t look too out of place, the lower half of the column was clad with wood paneling finished with the same rustic slate green color used on the island base cabinets.

Kitchen with gray island with exposed slab ceiling

This culinary space & dining area goes for a modern industrial look with exposed structural element as part of the design aesthetic. Because of this, you will see the exposed slab ceiling with concrete beams running and ventilation running across the ceiling, as well as electrical pipes for the lights.

A narrow support column sits along the edge of the island, which also doubled as a wall for the side of the kitchen island. Thankfully, it is located at the end of the island so it functions more as a wall and not a large obstruction.

Kitchen with two parallel columns with moldings and panelings

This is another example of using panelings and moldings to conceal the presence of support columns. Two parallel columns located in the kitchen supports the ceiling but obstructs the placement of the kitchen island.

To work around it, a bar counter was added on the front side of the kitchen island to conceal the lower half of the column, while for the rest of the column, moldings were added to match with the style of the kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchen with natural oak cabinets with beadboard island

Paneled kitchen cabinets in a combination of natural Oak wood finish and antiqued sage green paint give this kitchen an old-world classic feel. Similar to the other kitchen samples, this one has 2 large columns that intersects the beadboard kitchen island. But instead of using panelings to conceal the posts, it uses a faux masonry cladding on the columns to enhance the classic feel of the kitchen.

Remodeled kitchen with irregular shaped island

This modern French Provincial-inspired kitchen goes with a simple cream and gray color scheme for a light and fresh look perfect for the small kitchen space. One column intersects the island counter, but instead of attaching a rectilinear kitchen island to the column, it redirects the angle of the island, creating an irregularly shaped island counter that takes away your attention from the column.

Small kitchen with gypsum cladding on columns

This kitchen has a unique approach to structural columns. Instead of keeping its normal square shape and cladding it with wood panels or masonry/tiles, they added a gypsum cladding on the column and extended it, making it look like a wall framing the island intentionally.

Kitchen with column divider

A contemporary culinary space space that features clean, rectilinear lines & seamless finishes. The culinary space space is quite big, however, a massive column is right in the middle of the culinary space.

Instead of being an obstruction, however, the designer used it to divide the culinary space into two areas – the main food preparation space and the bar area which is the smaller niche created by the column.

Kitchen with black cabinets and white painted vertical wood slat walls

A wide column stands right in the middle of this small culinary space. Because of its wide girth and awkward placement, the designer used it as a wall in which a small island counter would be attached, creating a small  “dining nook” by the window. The island is actually a kitchen peninsula design with a supporting wall rather than an individual column or beam.

Kitchen With Island And Support Columns

Open kitchen island with wood support posts

With a massive ceiling height available, this open-plan culinary space has a very fresh and airy feel. Because of the necessity of the columns, the designer simply integrated them to the design by cladding it with white-painted vertical wood slats to match the cabinets. The two columns seemingly divide the massive island counter into two sections – one for food preparations and the other for dining.

Craftsman wood kitchen island with columns

The all-wood structural details of the interiors are definitely the focal point of the space, so the design approach for this Culinary space does not intend to conceal the columns and beams in any way, but instead uses them as part of the design highlight. Natural weathered wood columns and beams are left exposed and serves as “corner pillars” of the unique U-shaped island.

Kitchen with door frame designed column in white

Another unique approach in concealing columns would be using wood cladding to disguise them as door frames. In this example, the spacing of the columns were very symmetrical, thus creating an illusion of 3-paneled doors / archways. The white paint finish matches the white cabinets perfectly so it does not look out-of-place in the overall design.

Kitchen with weathered look cabinetry and brick accent wall

Two wooden posts support the wooden beams framing this culinary space. Because the space keeps this baroque style aesthetic, it maintains the structure’s original brick floors and walls. The wooden beams adds to the baroque aesthetics as it keeps its very weathered finish, complementing the brick flooring and the weathered finish on the cabinetry.

This double island kitchen layout has a central island for food prep and a larger island with additional counter space, built-in sink, wine fridge and an elevated breakfast bar.

Open plan kitchen with with white narrow column

For this open plan culinary space, only one narrow column was placed along its perimeter making it easier to design around it. The small column intersects the outer corner of the large island, and matches the smooth white finish of its countertop, as well as the rest of the walls in the space, making it blend in seamlessly in the space. visit this page to see more open concept kitchens.

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