25 Cottage Kitchen Ideas (Design Pictures)

Cottage kitchen designs are known for being cozy, with a down-to-earth, carefree style that’s inviting and attractive. The cottage style is inspired by aesthetics from a simpler time with soft colors and an emphasis on charm and functionality. Below, you’ll find a variety of cottage kitchen ideas with cabinetry, flooring, lighting, fixtures, and appliances that represent this beautiful decorating style.

Cottage kitchen with gray cabinets. white Calacatta marble and wide plank wood floors

This gorgeous modern kitchen takes inspiration from cottage-style kitchens and incorporates some of its elements into the design. Hardwood floors set a warm base to the space, while the gray-painted cabinets offset it with a cool tone. The overhead cabinets maximize the full height of the walls for storage, resulting in large overhead cabinets. For the countertop, Calacatta marble was the choice of material that perfectly suited the apron-front ceramic sink. A unique element would be the use of an antiqued mirror for its backsplash, which gives it a touch of both modern and classic aesthetic.

Cottage Kitchen Designs

Cottage kitchens possess the timeless look of classic kitchens but have a more casual and laid-back feel. It mostly seeks to achieve a light and airy feel to a space and, therefore, uses mostly light colors to achieve a light and airy look. There are many typical elements found in a cottage kitchen (which do not necessarily have to all be present), as well as various color and material combinations you can go for.

Muted color theme – A soft, muted color theme is often used for cottage designs to create a light, inviting space. Color palettes are often made up of whites, pale yellows, pastels, and light khaki. It’s not uncommon to see a two-tone color theme, with the base cabinetry being one color and the island being another.

Beadboard cabinets – One of the most telling elements of cottage-style kitchens would be beadboard cabinets, which are basically grooved vertical paneling that help add more dimension to the surface.

White painted cabinets – Aside from this, cabinets are often painted, typically in white, but other subdued colors are also acceptable, or a combination of both. To match the vintage look of the cabinets, vintage style pulls, and hardware is also a must, as well as apron-front sinks and matching fixtures.

Wood flooring –  May it be hardwood, engineered, or vinyl, it also completes the cottage-style look and adds more warmth and a vintage appeal to the space.

Farmhouse sink – A beautiful large basin farmhouse sink can bring just a touch of country style into your home. Also known as apron front sinks, these large sinks offer plenty of space for cleaning up and have become more popular over the last several years.

Vintage lighting – Light fixtures such as pendant lights with brushed nickel, an antique patina, or frosted glass can give your space a vintage-inspired feel. Many cottage kitchens use vintage-style light fixtures to bring a touch of retro style to the room.

Kitchen with island, wood flooring, and farmhouse sink

This modular kitchen uses paneled cabinetry painted in a neutral gray tone, achieving a rustic look paired with the pale walnut flooring. It has an island in the middle with a beadboard base, functioning mostly as a dining area and additional preparation area. Pull-handle hardware is often used for cottage kitchens and is used here to match the look of the round pendant lights and antique lamps. The rush seats of the bar stools also help emphasize the rustic feel of the space.

Kitchen with white cabinets, white tile backsplash and long breakfast bar island

Combining elements of modern style with cottage aesthetics, this space achieves both the simple and sleek look of modern kitchens and the classic charm of cottage kitchens. It uses white-painted cabinets with beadboard paneling, topped with white marble, for a classic feel. It also incorporates open shelving for the overhead in combination with closed cabinets. White subway tiles were used on the backsplash, which nicely offsets the maple wood range hood cover and cantilever shelves.

Kitchen with green cabinets Calacatta counter, chandelier and dining set

Going for a truly classic vintage look, you will see the cottage style not only reflected in the kitchen but in the architectural elements and finishes as well. Large French casement windows allow natural light to spill into the interiors, creating a gorgeous, naturally-lit daytime ambiance. The pale khaki-painted cabinets have beadboard paneling complete with a white marble countertop and an apron-front sunk to go with the vintage style of the cabinets. The horizontal wall paneling and the ceiling planks also help complete the overall cottage look and create a fresh yet timeless space.

Kitchen is walnut flooring, paneled cabinets and wooden stools

Gorgeous walnut flooring definitely stands out in this classic-inspired modern kitchen. It uses simplified paneled cabinets painted in a very light sage green color, which gives a nice contrast against the walnut floors and bar stools. White Carrara marble used on the islands somehow creates a softer look to the surface, while the main counters use black to contrast with the white marble subway backsplash tiles. Completing the while cottage-style look are the 2 fabric pendant lamps hanging above the island, which help set a relaxing vibe to the space.

Kitchen with white painted cabinets with glass doors and custom wood countertops

This cottage-style kitchen is often seen used in modern interior style to add a bit of a vintage chic feel to the space. Reclaimed rustic fruitwood flooring sets a rough and rugged feel to the space and contrasts with the clean white paint finish of the cabinets. While the main cabinets use simple paneled faces, the front of the island has beadboard paneling complemented by rustic wooden barstools. It also features glass-door overhead cabinets in combination with closed cabinets, a solid Teak wood countertop, an apron-front sink, white subway tiles for the backsplash, and vintage-style pulls & lamps. Also noticeable would be the teal-painted free-standing display cabinet, which is common in cottage-style kitchens.

Kitchen with teak flooring, window panels and solid wood countertop

The smaller space accorded to this cottage-style kitchen allowed it to simplify the style accordingly to match with the proportions of the space and create a balance that would not overwhelm it. Solid teak wood flooring already creates a visual impact. Therefore, the cabinets go for a more subtle off-white color to match the doors and windows. The paneling style is simple as well, with the front of the island using beadboard paneling. The island uses a solid wood countertop with a classic bullnose profile, while the main cabinet counters use a simpler rood bullnose for its cream granite countertop.

Kitchen with yellow cabinets and light blue island

The built-in cabinets of this cottage-style design layout seem to blend in with the walls of the space as they were built into the niche on the walls and are painted with the same light yellow color as the walls. Its large island, on the other hand, was painted in a sage green color, adding a welcomed touch of cool color to the predominantly warm-toned space.

Kitchen with black cabinets with beadboard doors and vaulted ceiling

Cottage-style kitchens usually use a paint color lighter than wood flooring for the cabinets and furniture, but in this example, you will see the opposite. Since the flooring is teak wood, which is mid-toned, the cabinetry was painted in black, which achieves a very bold contrast against the main finishes. It uses a yellow-beige granite countertop, helping mimic the color of the teak wood flooring.

Kitchen with soapstone countertops and cathedral ceilings

This small food prep area was placed in the middle of the open space, giving it a very light and airy feel, especially since it has a high-sloped ceiling. The white cabinets are placed against dark gray ceramic floor tiles and topped with black granite for a nice contrast.

Kitchen with high ceiling, pale wood derails and bull-nosed marble counters

A gorgeous French cottage-style design with elegant finishes and details. All cabinets are painted white, which definitely looks marvelous paired with the pale wood finish of the beams and trusses. White marble with an elegant bullnose was used for a very accurate period-style depiction, while the overhead cabinets use French-style doors, allowing you to display precious china pieces.

Kitchen with sliding doors, stools with rattan seats and skylights

Going for a softer, more romantic feel, the colors used in this room are all white and combined with other light-colored materials to maintain the soft look. All cabinets were painted white, which looks perfect against the light maple flooring. Light gray granite was the material of choice for the countertop, while the bar stools use rattan seats left in their natural color to match the flooring color. Also completing the ambiance of the space are the crystal lamps and the large skylight.

Kitchen with stainless steel island and cathedral ceiling

Although this cottage-style space uses white wood flooring instead of the usual wood finish, you will still see dark wood finish on the door frames to keep a more subtle contrast. Due to the fewer wooden elements in this space, this design has a cooler tone that is common in modern culinary space designs.  White-painted cabinets are topped with a cool gray solid surface and a white solid surface for a seamless surface. You will also notice that it still uses an apron-front sink typical of the style, which is in stainless steel for a more modern look.

Kitchen with beadboard cabinets, teak floors and eat in dining island

Teak wood floors serve as the base for this cottage kitchen, which uses a black-and-white color scheme throughout the design. Beadboard cabinets are all painted in white and are combined with black granite for the countertop. Black was the color for choice for the accent wall, and while very bold, the white ceiling and doors help dampen it a little and create a more balanced appeal.

Kitchen with cream cabinets and acacia flooring

Cherry wood floors set a very bold background to this space, adding warmth and a classic elegant appeal. The cabinets are all paneled and painted with a very light sage green color, which gives a nice cool contrast to the bold red tones of the flooring. You will also see Spanish-style details in this design, such as the turned legs used on the large island, as well as other common Spanish-style motifs.

Kitchen with custom breakfast nook and bench island

French-style doors for the overhead cabinets are very common in classic-style kitchens, but this design uses latticed overhead cabinet doors instead for a unique look. Cabinets were painted in a pink-undertoned white color and placed against an orange-brown wall color. It also has a unique L-shaped island counter with a built-in small dining area to effectively combine the food preparation area and the dining space while still offering privacy between the two spaces.

Kitchen with dark brown island and white subway tile backsplash

Cherry wood floors and gray walls serve as the background for a modern cottage-style culinary space. The main counter base is painted white, while the island base has a darker wengue color. It uses cup pulls for its drawers to give the cabinets a more classic look yet still match the brushed stainless steel finish of the appliances.

Kitchen with dark hued island and drawers with cup pulls

Using modular cabinetry with cottage-style profiles, this kitchen achieves a classic look with modern simplicity. Washed oak flooring sets a rustic background to the space and helps the white cabinets stand out against it. The island, on the other hand, opted to blend in more with the flooring color, painting its base with a matter-washed brown color and using a light beige stone countertop.

Kitchen with granite counter, small island and open open overhead cabinets

With bold orange undertones present on the flooring, the cabinets opted for a more subtle look. White was the color of choice for the cabinets, paired with a very basic salt-and-pepper granite countertop. It adds a couple of open overhead shelves as well for a more cottage-style feel. Many cottage-inspired spaces use subtle color themes, such as one color for the base cabinets and another for the island to achieve the desired feel.

Kitchen with black stools, cabinets with moldings and arched doorway

This cottage-style kitchen has a very country home feel with its combination of rustic colors and finishes. With dark oak flooring, the design opted for off-white paint for the cabinets to make them stand out. The main cabinets have molding details to give them that classic feel, while the gray stone tiles used for the backsplash add a nice rough texture to the surface. The large island has a beadboard front on the base, with turned wood supports for the salt & pepper granite overhang. The metal bar stools used, on the other hand, give a very subtle modern touch to the space.

Kitchen with small chandelier, windows and rug

This large culinary space definitely maintains a consistent traditional style throughout, from cabinets to finishes and accessories. Teak wood floors set a cozy mood for the space, while the off-white paint used on the paneled cabinets helps give an “aged” feel to the cabinetry. The main counters use black granite, helping separate the color of the cabinet from the white subway backsplash tiles. At the center is a long rectangular island with a gray-painted base cabinet and white marble countertop, helping add a variety of finishes to the space. It uses Chippendale barstools in dark wengue and an antique ceiling lamp to match the white look.

Kitchen with modular cabinets, stools with black legs and glazed glass door

This small modern culinary space uses modular cabinets but applies the aesthetics and finishes of cottage-style kitchens. Painted cabinets with moldings paired with dark wood flooring. For this example, ceramic floor tiles in wood finish were used instead of real hardwood flooring, making it more resistant to moisture exposure. The cabinets are uniformly painted in a light gray color, and solid wood countertops are used.

Kitchen with powder blue shiplap island with countertop made of wood

A simple classic style cottage design that stylizes traditional style cabinets and applies it to modern modular pieces. Oatmeal walls and teak wood flooring set a warm farmhouse ambiance, and the white neo-classic style cabinets stand out well against the strong orange undertone of the wood flooring. Using gray-beige toned slate for the countertop, the main counter maintains a simple and elegant feel. There’s also a large island in the middle, which has a more cottage-style feel as it uses beadboard cabinets with turned accents on the corners. The base of the center island was painted with a soft powder blue color and topped with a solid teak wood countertop, adding a nice touch of cool tone to the space.

Kitchen with green gray cabinetry, island and flush lighting

This beautiful cottage-inspired space offers plenty of seating from its large island with gray/green cabinetry topped with white Calacatta marble. Rich brown, wide plank wood floors are an attractive contrast to the white details of the molding and ceiling design and countertops.

Kitchen with adjustable stools, pull handle hardware weathereed oak floors

Cottage kitchen ideas that use vintage decor, such as the round adjustable bar stools or pull handle hardware, can subtly bring elements of the style into the design. The rough texture of the weathered oak wood floors sets a nice rustic element for this design and allows the plain white cabinets to stand out. The cabinets are all painted white, with matching white Carrara marble countertops and white subway backsplash tiles. It applies neo-classic moldings and stainless steel shell drawer pulls to pull off a vintage look.

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