57 Luxury Kitchen Island Designs (Pictures)

White cabinet kitchen with modern chandelier over islandWelcome to out gallery of kitchen island designs. These kitchen pictures feature a variety of different layouts, and styles. You’ll find contemporary, country, transitional and traditional kitchens. The islands offer an assortment of countertops such as marble, jewel tone granite, and natural wood butcher block. The addition of an island is a great way to maximize your cooking area for maximum effectiveness. We hope these images give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for your own kitchen projects.

This open concept kitchen is an excellent example of an elegant transitional style design. With light gray walls and clean white cabinets, it is able to combine the simplicity of modern design & the elegant flowing lines of traditional kitchen designs. In the middle of the kitchen is a large island, which is a good size and proportion for the available space. Just like the main cabinets, it has a traditional white base and is topped with a gorgeous Juparana granite countertop, adding a natural pattern to the space. [toc]

Luxury Kitchen Designs

Kitchen with stainless steel counters and large dining islandTransitional style kitchens often combine white and gray, with either the walls in white and cabinets in gray or vice versa. This kitchen, on the other hand, goes for an all-gray color scheme, using the same shade of light gray for both the walls and the kitchen cabinets. It, however, uses a darker shade of laminate for its cabinet base, using dark mahogany instead of light gray, making it stand out from the rest of the kitchen. Stainless steel countertops are functional and stylish. It also has three Bertoia bar stools, maximizing the use of the large island for both the preparation area and dining.

Kitchen with indian dakota granite for main countertops and wooden flooringGoing for a darker color scheme, this kitchen gives a strong and bold vibe. The cabinets are all in a natural mahogany finish and top it with black & red Indian Dakota granite. The color matches well with the cabinet finish and even complements the finish of the drop ceiling at the center of the kitchen. The island is rectangular with the same finish as the main cabinets but uses a more dominantly red Indian Dakota granite counter.

White kitchen and dining island open to living roomThe all-white color scheme of this kitchen makes it look elegant and timeless, especially as the floors in the space are of dark mahogany, making the white surface really stand out. The rectangular island is long and narrow, with a white countertop and lots of storage space. It also accommodates three bar stools, which are in a dark ebony finish, making a stark contrast against the white island.

Kitchen with painted white cabinets and marble and wood combination countertopsThis island is an interesting piece. It has white-painted base cabinets in the same style as the main cabinets but uses a more elegant countertop material, combining marble and wood blocks. The union of the two materials produces a unique effect and a welcomed variety of textures in the space.

Kitchen with main cabinets painted white and marble counter topTransitional-style kitchens usually use grays and whites, and this example shows us a transitional-style kitchen that uses the typical formula for such styles. It uses white main cabinets with marble countertops, and to add a bit of warmth, it uses cream subway tiles for the backsplash. For the island, it uses a narrow and long kitchen island with seating, a gray base, and a marble countertop. The island functions mostly as an additional preparation area and has a bar counter area.

Kitchen with oversized island with seating and quartz countertopsThis space is a combination of modern industrial and classic rustic furniture pieces. Antiqued wood floors and exposed wooden trusses set a somber and rustic feel to the space, while the grungy textures of wood and tiles in the kitchen show its industrial design inspiration. You will see a massive island with a gorgeous slab of white marble. It uses planks of salvaged wood as accents on its base and finishes the main base with dark ash, making it resemble aged metal or even concrete. You will also see classic upholstered dining chairs with leather upholstery and modern velvet bar stools.

Kitchen with crystal ice quartzite countersThis kitchen has that classic charm of country-style kitchens yet maintains a clean and fresh feel that is typical of modern spaces. It uses a combination of different cabinet finishes, creating a variety of colors and finishes in one space. Raised panel cream cabinets are featured throughout, with the addition of a stained wood baker’s rack and darker wood-stained islands.

There are 2 islands in this design; one is used mainly for additional storage and work space, while the other higher island acts mostly as a bar counter for dining. They use walnut and cherry wood, respectively, and are both topped with Carrara marble.

Kitchen with dark oak floors, off-white walls with countertops made of black graniteThe scaling and styling of this kitchen represent a well-executed transitional-style design. Dark oak floors combined with off-white walls serve as the background, while the cabinets go for the usual all-white finish. Top it with black granite, and pair it with light gray subway tiles for the backsplash. The island is massive but is proportional to the size of the space and the height of the ceiling, making it look proportional to the rest of the culinary space. Instead of black granite, though, it uses white marble, and right above it hangs a pair of cage pendant lamps for accent.

Open layout kitchen with hardwood flooring and laminated cabinetsThis modern kitchen has a unique open layout, adapting curves to create a unique and dynamic layout. The cabinets are basic – laminated in dark walnut and topped with black & white granite. However, it has a unique island. The island is small and circular in shape and has a unique stone sink built-in.

Kitchen with polished stone countertopThe kitchen storage wall is long, and so is the island. The wall space was mostly used as storage space, therefore leaving you with the island for your counter space/preparation area. Due to the length of the island, there is more than sufficient space to accommodate the chef’s preparation surface needs and provide additional storage. It goes for a more modern look by using dark mahogany laminated cabinets and polished stone countertops.

Kitchwen with cabinets with laminate finish in horizontal wood grains and travertine floorsThis kitchen uses a unique laminate finish with prominent horizontal wood grains in a neutral walnut finish. It has sufficient natural lighting, minimizing the need for artificial lights during the day. It is also able to maximize available wall space for storage. The island is narrow and rectangular and uses the same laminate finish as the main cabinets. It is topped with a black quartz top and provides space for dining/bar stools.

Kitchen with large windows, dark wood wenge cabinets and engineered bamboo floorsLarge picture windows provide sufficient natural light into the space, as well as a wonderful view of the backyard, setting a natural and relaxing atmosphere for the space. The kitchen as a modern look, with white-painted walls and engineered bamboo flooring, setting a nice neutral background to work on. The cabinets were laminated in dark wengue and topped it with gray juparana granite. The range hob was placed in the middle of the island, allowing the user to prepare the food while entertaining guests as it is placed directly in front of the dining area.

Kitchen with French cabinet doors with lilac gray walls and Carrara countertopsA lovely traditional style kitchen that uses white paneled cabinets in combination with French cabinet doors to match the French window design. The cabinets were placed against the lilac-gray walls and topped with white Carrara marble with golden flecks. The island is large and rectangular, mostly functioning as an additional worktop, storage, and dining area, which accommodates 4 at a time. This island is accentuated by three modern round pendant lamps, giving it a lovely warm glow.

Kitchen with travertine counters and cabinets with panel detailingGorgeous polished limestone countertop takes center stage in this classical-inspired kitchen. It uses classic motifs and panel detailing to give that traditional look and paints it in off-white to give that aged look. The yellow of the limestone counter gives a warm feel to the space and complements the off-white base. The large island has a built-in ceramic sink and accommodates 3 bar stools for dining.

Kitchenw ith high ceiling, arched doors and walnut kitchen islandHigh ceilings and arched doors and windows give this space an authentic classic vibe. It has very detailed carvings and motifs reminiscent of classic architecture. Smacked right in the middle is a walnut-based island with a unique cement-finish countertop and accentuated with a warm-colored chandelier, which also functions as a pot rack.

Kitchen with green and white cabinetry and built in sinkSage green was the color of choice for the cabinets of this country-style kitchen. The color gives the space a refreshing & cool tone, making it look bright and vibrant but with a color that is easy on the eyes. It has a small island with a built-in sink and storage and topped with green granite. The island is placed against a built-up ledge, which functions as a bar counter and is finished with the same color as the cabinets.

White paneled cabinets, glass backsplash tiles and built in wine chillerSimple & elegant, this layout showcases the beauty of transitional spaces. Solid wood floors set a warm and rustic atmosphere to the entire space, while the white paneled cabinets give off the classic vibe. The space is topped with a gray surface and complements it with glass backsplash tiles with a chevron pattern. The island has an undermount sink and a built-in wine chiller. It also provides sufficient space for four industrial-style bar stools.

Square kitchen with antique wengue base cabinets and beige above counter cabinetsNeo-classic motifs and details abound in this design. Although the main cabinets used off-white to replicate classical columns, the large square island contrasts with the main cabinets as it uses an antique wengue finish on its base cabinet and tops it with beige granite to match the main cabinets. The large island is further accentuated by two accent chandeliers, bringing focus to the center.

Kitchen with long island with rope legs and mahogany finish cabinetsDark wood island designs can bring a really elegant feel to your home. This styling goes for a more uniform look as it uses the same Mahogany finish on all the cabinets/base, with some wenge-stained accent-turned posts. There is a large island in the middle, topped with black granite, and has an overlap for dining purposes, supported by two large turned posts.

Kitchen with exposed beams, island with black finish and wooden wallsThis lovely log cabin kitchen has an open-concept design with exposed beams. Placed in a log house style structure, using too much wood might just make the space look heavier than it already is, so this island opted for an antiqued black finish so that it contrasts with the wooden walls and ceiling, and at the same time, still match the rustic raw feel of the space. A gorgeous slab of granite was used to top it, and it was placed against a built-up bar counter, which helps separate the kitchen from the rest of the space.

Kitchen with gilded details and round stools and velvet upholsteryA Rococo-inspired design with a feminine color scheme and gold gilded details, which brings out a romantic classic vibe. In the middle is a large island with a rose-colored and a matching countertop. It also has round bar stools with red velvet upholstery to give it that luxurious and elegant feel.

Luxury kitchen with built in copper sink, oiled bronze pulls and hammered copper sinkWith the right combination of finishes and accessories, this style was able to achieve an authentic vintage look. It uses solid walnut cabinets with a classic paneled design and tops it with beige granite to give it that elegant earthy feel. For the pulls, oiled bronze was the hardware of choice. This design even takes it to another level by using a hammered copper sink and a custom range hood cover in antiqued copper. These rustic finishes really bring out the classic charm of the space.

Kitchen with two islands, pendant lighting and black graniteThis island functions mostly as an additional worktop. It’s narrow in-depth and quite long, with a dark ash finish contrasting with the light beige finish of the main cabinets. It is topped with black granite and accentuated with a modern chandelier placed right above it.

Kitchen with glass topped counter and steel cabinetsFunctionality and ease of maintenance are the main concerns of this kitchen, which explains its use of stainless steel cabinets, counters, and backsplash. Applying such on residential kitchens tends to make them look too cool and unappealing, so to balance it out, the island uses a light beech wood laminated base with stainless steel drawers and black granite, creating a coordinated look with the added warmth of the wood finish.

Kitchen with eat in island and oak flooringThis industrial style modern transitional space mixes classic elements with rustic finishes and geometric patterns to create a modern look. The rustic oak wood cabinets look gorgeous against the plain white walls, while the solid white surface counters help transition the rough finish of the cabinets into the chevron patterned backsplash tiles. The island seems to take its inspiration from the chevron tiles, as they have a unique shape. Its sharp edges and simple counter profile give off that modern vibe. The metal bar stools and the horizontal planks on the base, on the other hand, contribute to its rustic industrial appeal.

Quartz Kitchen Counter Island

Kitchen with white quartz counter, built-in induction cooktop and high gloss cabinetsModern island designs usually have a simple color scheme with clean, sharp lines. This design is a good example of such, featuring high gloss laminated cabinets and off-white quartz counters. The large kitchen has an open layout connecting it to a small dining area. The rectangular island at the center has a built-in induction cooktop and ovens, allowing you to socialize while cooking. A kitchen peninsula with an additional sink provides more food prep space in close proximity to the oven and microwave.

Kitchen with large glass sliding doors and wolf gas rangeKitchen island designs with large windows can benefit from tons of natural light. The layout above features large glass sliding doors to provide more than sufficient natural light into the space, while the light gray walls and maple wood floors help maintain that bright atmosphere. The design keeps to the clean and modern transitional look of the space, using white cabinets with white quartz counters and backsplash. The island is the same, using all-white surfaces and even white modern bar stools.

Kitchen with teak cabinets and upholstered stoolsThis modern design combines white and teak wood to create this fresh, modern design. The base cabinets are all in solid teak wood with stainless steel pulls, while the few overhead cabinets are laminated in white. Parallel to the main cabinets is a large island with a white solid surface countertop and matching white upholstered bar stools.

Kitchen with cabinets made of wood laminates and gray concrete floorsA large, modern, full-sized kitchen with refreshing sage green walls and wood-framed windows. Large windows make the space look bright and also save energy. It uses the same teak wood laminates all over and orients its wood grains horizontally to visually expand the space. The gray concrete finish floor tiles add a bit of grunge to the space, contrasting with the smooth surfaces of laminates and solid surfaces. There is also a large white island in the middle with a range hob and accommodating bar stools for casual dining.

Kitchen with island and gemstone countertopsThis Mahogany-finished island really stands out from the rest of the space as its Mahogany base is darker than the light ash finish of the main cabinets. The island is topped with an emerald green countertop and has a built-in oven and undermount sink, making it an efficient and functional addition to the cooking space.

Kitchen with breakfast bar island and teak sliding door leading to the patioThis modern cook space is compact and features a variety of wood finishes. Colored concrete floors give the space an industrial grunge, while the teakwood door and window frames bring a modern tropical look as well. It uses a combination of light maple and cherry wood laminates. It even has a unique dropped ceiling clad in solid mahogany, further emphasizing the food preparation area. There is an island as well, which doubles as a bar counter and uses a raised counter surface to help separate the area from the rest of the house.

Kitchen Island with Marble Top

Kitchen with curtains, shiplap walls and ceiling and steel hanging shelfThis island serves not only as a cooking/preparation area and a dining counter but also as a divider between the cooking and living areas. This allows you to cook/prepare food and entertain your guests at the same time. The island base cabinets use a traditional paneled profile painted in a light gray color and topped with white marble. Right above the island is a hanging shelf with stainless steel framing and a solid wengue finish shelf.

Kitchen with flat panel cabinetry and skylightThis modern transitional space adapts an open layout that directly connects it with the dining area. The cabinets are all painted in white with stainless steel pulls & hardware, which looks perfect with the gray-painted walls. The large island has a built-in cooktop and wine chiller, making it an ideal area to prepare food while entertaining guests.

Kitchen with raindrop style chandelier, dining set, area rug and waterfall islandThe massive island definitely takes your attention as its top and sides are clad with white marble. The kitchen is placed against a fixed low gypsum wall, making it stable and allowing a “ledge” of marble to serve as a bar counter. Right above the island are 3 modern stainless pendant lamps, which further emphasize the island.

Kitchen with muted grey theme, soapstone counters and metal stoolsGoing for a uniform color scheme all over the house, this design adapts a pale and muted color scheme. It uses a light shade of warm gray for its paneled cabinets and tops it with white soapstone for that soft look. The walls are white, but there is enough contrast between the white walls and the light gray cabinets. The rectangular island accommodates 4 metal bar stools and functions mostly as an additional storage and preparation area.

Open kitchen with concrete finish tiles, mahogany laminate style island and carrara marbleModern minimalist with a touch of industrial pieces and finishes helps add more personality to this design. Inspired by industrial spaces, the wall uses concrete finish tiles, giving it a rough industrial appeal, and also uses industrial-style metal bar stools with wood tops. It has a rectangular island with dark mahogany laminate on its base and topped with Carrara marble.

Kitchen with gloss laminate cabinetsThis is another modern minimalist design that uses white high-gloss laminated cabinets as the walls of the space were painted in a gunmetal gray color. A long and narrow island with a marble countertop helps separate the dining area from the cooking area but still allows easy access and view of the two spaces.

Granite Worktop Island Designs

Kitchen with walnut cabinets with kitchen nookThis design uses finely oiled dark walnut cabinets with black & white granite counters placed against plain white walls and light beige stone backsplash tiles. The L-shaped layout has a narrow island with a small under-mount sink, which is placed against dark walnut banquette seating for a small dining area.

Open concept kitchen with view of the dining area via arched doorway and built in ovenThis is another view of the previous design, and it shows the semi-open layout, which is connected to the formal dining area by a large arched opening, making it feel big and spacious. A built-in oven can be seen on the island as well, and it is also accentuated with an iron chandelier, giving off a soft, warm glow and softening up the look of the space.

Kitchen with rectangular island backsplash and mosaic tile floorsClassic oak cabinets surround this spacious, full-sized culinary space, creating an elegant and classic vibe. In the middle is a rectangular island which stands out from the rest of the space as it has a white base instead of using dark oak. It uses the same salt & pepper granite countertop, making it look well put together despite the different finishes.

Island with undermount sink and decorative columns and four stoolsThis large open-layout design takes its inspiration from Neo-classic designs, applying faux columns and classical motifs to the cabinets. While the main cabinets use a solid teak wood finish, the massive island paints its base in an off-white color, making it look more legitimately classic. Island designs like this, with an under-mount sink and wide profile, can accommodate 4 or more bar stools, making it very functional for food preparation and dining.

Kitchen with emerald granite counters, steel range hood and canless lighting fixturesThis island with a built-in cooktop and a gorgeous slab of emerald granite not only serves as a counter but also as a bar counter and a way to delineate the cooking area from the rest of the house. The cabinets were stained in a dark walnut color, making it look like solid wood, even if it is actually just ribbon-grain plywood. This results in an effortless and budget-friendly classic-style kitchen.

Yellow beige walls, classic style cabinets and wine rackYellow beige walls and floors set a warm atmosphere in the space, which looks perfect with the off-white painted classic-style cabinets. Parallel to the main cabinet is a long island accommodating 4 wengue finish bar stools. This island functions mostly as an additional preparation area and a casual dining area.

Kitchen with gray and white color scheme, indoor plant in green pot and backsplashThis design goes for a gray-and-white color scheme, using gray cabinets that top it with a white granite countertop. There is a large island with only an under-mount sink and accommodating 4 industrial-style bar stools.

White dining chairs, natural stone tiles and white ceilingThe combination of colors and textures in this makes it look posh and elegant without going overboard. Paneled cabinets are in a dark, wengue finish and topped with beige granite, while the backsplash uses natural stone tiles, giving it an interesting texture. The island is long and narrow, with a beige top and an undermount sink. It also accommodates 4 bar stools and is accentuated by pendant lamps.

Taupe walls, white door and printed curtainsThis small linear culinary space features a narrow island with an under-mount sink. The mahogany finish island is placed against a built-up gypsum wall and topped with beige granite. The island is given emphasis by placing three pendant lamps right above it in addition to the three bar stools.

Kitchen with green and white checkerboard floors, and island with antique green finishGreen & white checkerboard floor tiles already give this space that authentic retro look, as checkerboard patterned floors were popular way back in the day and even featured in some popular classical paintings. The cabinets used have a classic paneled profile and are painted in white, topped with a green granite countertop. The island, on the other hand, uses a base with an antiqued green finish, giving it that rustic appeal.

L shape kitchen with cabinets in antique white finish and open shelvingThis quaint L-shaped kitchen placed in a bright open layout combines 2 cabinet colors. The main cabinets were in white, while the island uses redwood laminates. The backsplash material is light gray subway tiles with a cool undertone that matches the tone of the granite slab used. The island doesn’t have any built-ins, but it provides an efficient additional working top and a small dining area.

Island with hollow core base, power outlet and countertopWhat’s unique about this design is that its island is fixed and has no storage underneath. It instead uses a hollow-core base similar to the material and finish used on the walls, complete with power outlets and even baseboard. The countertop uses beige granite and is completely free of sink or any other equipment, making it function solely as an additional worktop or dining area.

Kitchen with curved island, oak cabinets, area rug and wood beamsWhile the main cabinets of this country-style layout use basic oak finish cabinets with a traditional style profile, the island/bar counter follows a unique shape. This island has a reversed S shape with an ash-gray weathered wood base topped with beige granite. It also has a multi-level counter; the lower counter has the normal counter height, and the higher one is of a bar counter height, making it perfect for the wooden wedge barstools with rush seats.

Kitchen with to-level island, hanging lights, mosaic tiles for backsplashDark, wengue solid wood cabinets give this space a classic charm and an elegant look. The island used in this design has two levels. The normal counter height serves as an additional food preparation area while the high counter, which overlaps it, serves as a var counter area. All countertop surfaces use beige granite with a classic profile to match the classic cabinets perfectly.

Kitchen with blanco tulum counters and mahogany base and ceramic sinkDespite being small, this modern transitional-style design and layout manages to fit in all essentials with its effective planning/ corner layout. While the main cabinets in light warm gray accommodate the fridge and the range, the island with a Mahogany base has a built-in ceramic sink and provides a ledge from its granite counter for the 3 upholstered bar stools.

 Wood Top Island Designs for the Kitchen

Oceanview kitchen with butcher block islandHigh ceilings and large picture windows offer this space not only a great view but also gives it a bright atmosphere despite its use of dark wood floors. The island, with its dark gray painted base, seems to blend onto the floors, while its solid red woodblock countertop appears floating amidst the dark finishes.

Kitchen with wine barrel island, exposed beams and wood floorSolid wood pieces combined with metal accents create an authentic rustic look. The main cabinets use solid weathered wood with a beige granite countertop, giving it an earthy and rustic feel. The island, on the other hand, has a very unique design. The base is somewhat basic, with an antiqued black paint finish on a vertically paneled base with a limestone countertop. What makes it very unique, however, is the use of vintage wine barrels to create a base for the bar counter connected to the island. Around 1/2 of the barrel was cut out and attached to the island and then topped with salvaged circular solid wood.

Kitchen with boxed ceiling, black breakfast chairs, window and cabinetsThis layout has a unique ceiling, with exposed log wooden trusses and ceiling-mounted track lights popular in modern industrial spaces. The color scheme, finishes, and style used in the kitchen, however, betray this industrial inspiration and convert it into a more modern transitional style. The cabinets are all in white with granite counters, making it look more country than industrial. In the middle is a massive island with plenty of storage space, topped with a solid wood block countertop and even a small raised bar counter surface.

Kitchen with island and chandelierA classic rustic design with solid oak wood cabinets gives it that solid and timeless appeal. There is a massive island in the middle accentuated with an iron chandelier. This island is topped with solid wood, the same finish as the base, and has a built-in undermount sink.

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