Where To Put the Litter Box In a Small Apartment 

Discover where to put the litter box in a small apartment, including using a side table, built-in bench, behind a room divider, and other practical DIY ideas and benefits of toilet training your cat.

ideas on where to put cat litter in small apartment

In the intimate space of small apartments, where room is at a premium, finding your kitty’s litter box just right can be quite a mission. It’s all about striking the purr-fect spot between what looks good and works best for both purr-suers – it takes a bit of finesse to make it just right so you and your furry friend can live happily together.

It is now time to get down to the nitty-gritty of finding that purr-fect spot for your furry friend’s litter box. We’ve got some smart ways to maximize space and chic tips on where exactly to place it so you can have a small apartment that is both stylish and clean as a whistle.[toc]

Side Table

side table in living room with sofa and pillows

In small apartments the key is to maximize limited space available; finding a home for your cat’s litter box can be tricky. You wouldn’t know it but the side table can come to your rescue – providing creative, dual roles of both beauty and functionality.

You can let your imagination run wild with the awesome idea of integrating a cat’s litter box seamlessly into its living space. The BIRDROCK Decorative Cat House and Side Table [sponsored link] is one example of it. It is a genius solution – it gives both you, and your furry friend, just what you need.

No more jumbled clutter due to an additional piece of furniture– this two in one solution is ideal for adding harmony to your home. You can use it like any other side table for that steaming cup of coffee or to rest a beloved book but at the same time have peace of mind knowing this multitasker has got its typical ‘cat duty’ covered too.

The charm of this cat house and side table lies in its smooth combination. It adds a glimmer of coziness to any tiny space, making a great nightstand or edgy side table. 

Why have it just as ordinary furniture when you can make it double up as your cat’s own little home or even like their litter box area? A must-have for all the pet owners out there.

Your kitty’s been granted sweet independence thanks to that genius cat door design: no longer confined within four walls, they can come and go with ultimate privacy. 

The hinged door sure does make a difference. With it around, you can conveniently step in the interior to get your purr-son’s private corner all sorted out for their relaxation and hygiene. 

A cozy pet bed here, a kitty litter there – with an entrée made easy-peasy by the hinged door, who ever thought cleaning and maintenance could be so effortless? 

By celebrating the side table as your kitties’ designated spot for litter, you can strike a beautiful balance between style and purpose. You can instantly upgrade your petite apartment into a cozy place of comfort for your cats.

Anytime you’re considering a switch in resources like a litterbox placement, adding the new option next to the existing one allows the cat to show which one it prefers and avoid extra stress, according to this NIH report. Once acclimated, you can then reposition the box in the desired location.

DIY Ideas For Placing a Litter Box in a Small Space

cat stepping out of its litter

When you’re on the DIY train with your cats, it’s go-time – your cat’s comfort and accessibility come first. Consider their ease of entry and exit at all times, and ensure that their litter box is easily approachable in order to ward off accidents; no one wants a messy surprise.

Cats are naturally clean creatures. Teaching them to use the litter box encourages this good behavior. They will continue to use this litter box unless it gets dirty. – Advanced Cat Training: The Official Cat Training Book, Matthew Brownie

No need to panic if you’re struggling to find the purr-fect spot for your kitty’s litter box in a small apartment – we’ve got five awesome ideas that’ll help optimize space while keeping both your cat and house looking good. 

From moving things around, turning furniture into multipurpose pieces, or even creating something crafty, here are some ideas that won’t have you seeing red.

Repurposed Cabinet or Dresser

old dresser repurposed for cats

Revive aging dressers or cabinets by giving them a makeover into the purr-fect litter box hideaway. Take out one (or two) drawers, fashion a tiny doorway, and you’ve got your kitty’s own private place to take care of their necessities. On top of this, you’ll have some extra storage space or display area on the outside for décor.

Under-Stairs or Corner Nook

under stair location for cat litter

You can break out your toolbox and give that wasted space beneath your staircase a new purpose: a cozy haven for kitties! Put in that smaller door or curtain to keep the litter box hidden, then dress it up with comfy cushions and wall decals, transforming it into an inviting hideaway for your furry sidekick. 

If you don’t have stairs, try a corner nook outside of the normal area for foot traffic. To camouflage the kitty litter try placing it under a sitting bench or table so its not the first thing people see when they enter the space.

Built-In Bench

built in bench for cats

If you’re lucky enough to have a seating spot with a bench or windowsill, why not make it even better by incorporating a sneaky litter box? All you need to do is remove the top of the bench and slide in the box so your kitty can hop in comfortably.

Then replace the lid and style it up with comfy types of cushions or pillows – you can create an irresistibly cozy cat lounge that looks great.

Customized Room Divider

room divider next to litter

Do you need to keep that litter box hidden? Room dividers are just the perfect solution. Building a custom divider is easy – simply attach wooden panels to a solid frame with an opening for your kitty pal. Make it unique by painting them or adding a bit of décor, and place it so you get some serious privacy without sacrificing style.

Kitty Bathroom Cabinet

litter inside cabinet for catsSee this kitty bathroom cabinet at Amazon [sponsored link]

You can always craft up a devoted “kitty bathroom” cabinet. Truly, you can construct something tall and slender with multiple nooks – one of them even has a specially designed pocket for the litter box. 

Show your cat some love by cramming shelves or hooks on the sides to store all their goodies like scoopers and toys. Having this delightful little cabinet will net you an easier way to tuck away your feline buddy’s needs while still being able to fire up the living area as usual.

Alternative To Using a Litter Box – Toilet Train

trained cat on toilet in bathroom

If you’re done with the endless dragging around of bulky cat boxes that devour your living quarters, it might be time to think outside the box and treat your cats to a toilet training quick-fix. That’s right – potty teaching your spunky feline can help reclaim some much-needed room and do away with those pesky litter pans once and for all.

Training your feline friend to use the loo definitely takes some perseverance, but it can be done if you approach it just the right way. 

 Start small and make that transition from litter box to training seat as gradual as possible. Your kitty will feel at ease perched on this particular toilet bowl cover-up featuring an opening tailor-made for them. 

 You can also put the litter box closer and closer to the toilet seat; when they get comfy with that change, you can start using flushable litter for extra realistic results. After some patience and plenty of treats or praises from you as positive reinforcement, your kitty will know their bidet from their bathroom break!

Toilet training kitties not only saves spacebut also can lessen the cost and environmental impact of buying cat litter; however, there’s a caveat as this solution might not be suitable for every furball – particularly elderly or physically limited ones. Getting your furry friend to switch over requires understanding their needs and abilities while disciplining them with patience & consistency – it’ll be totally worth it in the end.

To make things easier, you can grab a dedicated toilet training kit for your little fur ball. These products are specifically designed to turn cats into masters of the human throne instead of just regular litter boxes. They’re usually shipped with some seat or platform that fits the toilet bowl – this basically eases them into their newfound lifestyle without any heavy lifting.

Training your cat to use the toilet should take some effort initially, but it’s a real space saver when you live in an apartment; there’s no need to sacrifice room for that pesky litter box. Make sure that you still offer a backup space with litter just in case your cat needs it while they adjust.

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