Beautiful Dining Rooms with French Doors

French doors are a Western architectural design element that could be considered a “classic.” Its rustic, old-world charm continues to captivate people and add a little more personality to any style of home. The seemingly simple silhouette of dining rooms with French doors might be a classic, but its claim to fame is well-deserved as it is very versatile and can match any design style with the right modifications.

Dining room with white french doors, reclaimed dining table and chandelier

Variations of French doors have been used on more contemporary architectural designs and have always successfully added a nice touch to any space you use them for. In fact, nowadays, you can see that this style of doors is also applied in non-traditional ways, such as room partitions, toilet partitions, shower enclosures, and more. [toc]

French doors come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Like modern doors, you can find one made out of wood, metal, PVC, or uPVC and choose from a large variety of glass types on the market. The advent of modern materials and engineering innovations paved the way for the development of more varieties and styles that were previously unimaginable.

Although French doors were originally swing doors, you can now also find sliding French-style doors, double-swing doors, and even bi-fold doors. No matter what material or color, though, French doors undeniably lend a timeless elegance and appeal to any space that has it.

The elegant French provincial-inspired formal dining room in the picture above mixes a lot of modern and classic elements to create its look. The use of classic furniture pieces/silhouettes combined with a couple of modern touches, such as the blown glass vase and the chandelier, create a very elegant and romantic setting. Large white French doors allow natural light into the room and add more personality to the space.

Benefits of French Doors in the Dining Room

  • They let in an abundance of natural light through their glass panel design
  • They create a room definition for your floor plan with a clear entrance and exit
  • They have the illusion of additional space with unobstructed views through the glass into the next room
  • They can provide soundproofing, which is desirable for separating an open-concept floor plan
  • They add value to the home
  • They look beautiful and elegant

Here are some gorgeous samples of dining rooms with French doors for ideas and inspiration:

Room with white wainscoting, boxed ceiling and fireplace

This is another French-provincial-inspired design, but it adds a more contemporary touch by using more rectilinear types of chairs, accessories, and materials with clean, straight edges. White windows are placed around the wall of the dining area, matching the classic wall paneling style. The combination of soft and hard edges makes this space look very of the time yet still appeal to older tastes.

Room with arched doors, tufted chairs and chandeliers

While the previous rooms feature more symmetric and rectilinear silhouettes, this example uses more curved forms of furniture and accessories combined with modern materials, creating a Victorian-style design. Faux classical columns can be seen framing archway openings and a classic solid Mahogany arched French door completes the look.

Room with shiplap walls, metal door and bead chandelier

This is an excellent example of a modern interpretation of the classic French door. It has a slimmer profile as it uses metal for its framing and uses an industrial-style paint finish that matches and completes the overall look this small eating area tries to achieve. The shiplap dining room design provides a rustic home feel and pleasant ambiance.

Room with arched entry doors and wood beam ceiling

By playing around with scales and proportions, this rustic design creates a very “grand” ambiance despite using simple materials. High ceilings were taken advantage of by using wide glass panels in black-painted framing to keep consistent with the rustic concept. One wall has a large double door with an arched transom, while another wall’s length is spanned with a series of French double doors.

Open spaced layout with wingback dining chairs and wood table

An ode to the classic French door – this small kitchen-dining room has an entryway with a thick solid wood frame painted white. What makes this design more unique is that the door style also matches the design of the overhead cabinets!

Two-toned dining area with white panels and windows with shutters

A very simple and subdued small two tone dining room maintains an elegant flair as it has a classic combination of wall panelings and a glass-paned door and windows. Clean and simple lines make this humble space look elegant despite not having much decor.

Room with mirrored doors and crystal chandelier

The open layout combined with large windows helps make this area look bright and spacious. If you would look closely, the white window type door by the living area is fixed with mirrors instead of clear glass, creating an illusion of a bigger space.

Room with column, fireplace, large clock and hardwood flooring

Black-stained double patio doors used in this open-space layout are a definite eye-catcher, as the rest of the other Queen Anne furniture pieces and finishes use natural wood colors.

Room with wooden doors, windows with Roman blinds and faux beams on the ceiling

A quaint room with a small reading nook and lilac Chippendale chairs set a very rustic yet chic vibe to this small space. The large windows help improve the overall ambiance of the small space as they make it brighter and look more spacious!

Room with grey panel walls, drum chandelier and console table in black finish

Add a little flair to your modern dining room by incorporating classic elements such as those found in this charming design. One large wall has been fixed with wood wall paneling but painted in gray to give it a more contemporary feel. It utilizes wood for its door, adding an old-world charm to the clean space.

Room with high ceiling, white carpet and art on the wall

The ceiling height is definitely taken advantage of in this room, as the large entryway and windows complement the high transom above it, bringing more natural light into the space and creating a more appealing ambiance.

Classic French dining chairs in white finish, chandelier and open doors

The natural, weathered condition of the antique chairs balances out the clean, smooth lines of the floors and table, adding more texture and character to the formal dining room. The two areas are separated by a large double door, thus creating a charming yet spacious-looking design.

Room with upholstered chairs, floor to ceiling windows and candle chandeliers

This room with French doors helps connect this rustic & contemporary space to the outdoor patio area. Because it is a sliding type door, you can open it up and connect the two spaces when you need more.

The combination of classic architectural elements and furniture silhouettes creates a beautiful medley in combination with modern textiles and accessories. A light, greige dining room paint color brings in warm tones of brown combined with lighter tones of white and gray for a pleasing design.

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