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  • The Best Types of Rugs for Style and Durability

    When shopping for a new rug, you’ll want one that is durable yet still feels soft underfoot. The material a rug is made from…

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  • cottage interior living space with seafoam green walls

    35 Trending Cottage Interior Paint Colors For A Charming Look

    The cottage-style design showcases a perfect blend of French vintage, shabby chic, and rustic charm, creating a cozy and homely ambiance. Its unique character…

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  • Creating a Garden Path with Stepping Stones: DIY Project

    A garden path lined with stepping stones offers a charming way to navigate your garden or yard. The stones can curve through your flower…

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  • Patio Doors With Built-in Blinds Problems

    If you have a patio, it’s worth framing the outdoor view with clear windows instead of opaque door panels. However, privacy, the changing seasons,…

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  • kitchen with countertop made of silver cloud granite

    13 Stunning Laminate Countertops That Look Like Granite

    You can have that gorgeous countertop that you always wanted with laminate countertops that look like granite. When it comes to kitchen surfaces, granite…

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  • Free Online Home Office Layout Planner to Rearrange Your Room

    Dreaming up your perfect home office but not sure where to start? Imagine the possibilities with our new free online home office layout planner!…

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  • What’s Your Kitchen Countertop Style Quiz

    Ever wondered what countertop style best fits your personality and preferences? This fun quiz will help uncover your ideal look. By answering a few…

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  • Improved Carpet Cost Calculator for Materials & Labor

    Transform your home with new carpeting! Our easy Carpet Cost Calculator breaks down the expense into materials, labor and extras like moving furniture. Just…

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  • Take the Front Door Color Personality Quiz & Find Your Style

    Looking to discover the perfect front door color to match your one-of-a-kind personality? Get ready for some fun with the Door Color Personality Quiz!…

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