Best Dining Room Paint Colors For 2019

Here we introduce the best dining room paint colors for 2019 and beyond.
Traditional dining room with taupe paint and white wainscoting Over the years, the dining room’s function has evolved into more than just a room for eating. The dining room has also served as a home office, a conference room, an extension of the kitchen or living room, a work space, and a lounge.

For bigger homes, the dining room is usually setup as a formal dining room, and thus not being used on a daily basis. It is usually decorated with a large dining table to accommodate guests in numbers. For smaller homes, the dining room may be setup with a smaller table. In some cases, the dining room disappears altogether. The dining area is incorporated with the kitchen, or what we now call the eat-in kitchen. This means that the dining area is inside the kitchen itself to save space.

When we dine, we all sit together and face each other. This is one of the reasons why the dining area also becomes a meeting place for important discussions. An example of this can also be seen in movies. A young kid gets into trouble in school. Upon coming home, his parents are waiting for him at the dining table while sipping coffee. They proceed to discuss his school troubles on the dining table.

Some homes do not use the dining room for eating, but has converted the dining table into a work space. Computers, laptops, phones, papers, and printers all fit very well on a dining table, with room to spare. This works well with single homeowners who are alone at home and thus have no real need to use the dining room for eating.

With all of the functions of the dining room, choosing your theme is important. The dining room may not be as important as the kitchen, but it is a very flexible room that can be used for almost anything. The dining room furniture should be comfortable, sturdy, and long lasting.

The dining room color scheme also sets the mood for the owners. Choosing the right paint color gives you the ambiance the need for the purpose of the room. For 2018, the dining room paint colors are bold, rich and elegant. Here are some of the paint colors that are lined up as next year’s favorites.

Blue green dining room with high ceilings and chandeliers In the Moment (Blue Green)

To transform your dining room into a sanctuary of relaxation and calm, In the Moment is the color for you. It is a combination of spruce blue, soft gray and lush green that In the moment aqua blue paint color gives that sense of tranquility. Feeling relaxed is no longer limited to your bedroom or living room. This blue green paint color brings a soothing atmosphere to your interior design. The color brings together the feeling of both modern and coastal to create a relaxing sanctuary feel that is ideal for those looking for a more natural feeling dining room environment. The color works well as a two tone dining room design paired with white as seen above.


Caliente red paint color Caliente is a rich red color. In a dining room setting, this color can be used as a feature wall or on cabinets. It exudes a strong and radiant color filled with energy. This is a great color for people who love to entertain guests and love bold colors in their homes.

A red dining room is dramatic and can be paired with a chandelier to really bring out its details that might otherwise be lost in a more neutral environment. Furthermore red walls are the perfect backdrop for mirrors and paintings which can actually soften their appearance.

Black paint color dining room with white wainscoting

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Deep Onyx

Deep Onyx has a chalkboard look to it. It is a classic, deep and rich black color that is versatile for both a masculine and feminine look. For a masculine look, this color is Deep onyx paint color best paired with gray and white décor such as chairs, art, and lamps.

For a more feminine look, deep onyx is the perfect background for splashes of hot pink, purple, yellow, and blue décor such as chairs, cabinets, pillows, and art. The color words well on contemporary and modern dining room designs.

Black Flame

Just like Deep Onyx, Black Flame is a darker shade which is a beautiful combination of black and indigo. 2019 is definitely fans with shades of black. The Black Flame Black flame paint color color is a picture of elegance and intimacy.

This wall color is great for big dining rooms because it gives a more cozy feeling to the space. It can be used as a statement wall and paired off with lighter décor.

Dining room with heartwood paint color Heartwood

The best semi-neutral color for a dining room, Heartwood is a warm mauve-taupe color. Being a semi-neutral, it is easy to pair different colored décor with this wall paint Heartwood paint color color. It is definitely simple enough to be used as a base for a minimalist look.

Heartwood paint color matches well with wood colors to create a warm natural sanctuary vibe in your dining room area. The shade of taupe evokes a feeling of calm which is ideal for busy families who want a place to unwind after a chaotic day.

Sunny yellow dining room design with wood floors Gen 2 Sunny Yellow

Sunny yellow paint color Gen 2 Yellow allows your home to feel like summertime all the time. It is a sunny yellow hue that is both refreshing and bright. This wall color spells summertime all the time. Your dining room will always feel like you have sunshine captured on your walls.

A bright yellow color may be too intense for many homeowners. Combining yellow with green can create a more toned down yellow color. For those looking for a more neutral color try a toned down shade of yellow that will match with practically any other color.

Dining room with stardew gray paint Stardew

Another color that makes you feel serene is Stardew. It is s muted gray-blue hue that is soft and calm. It is a great wall color because it can be paired with any colored décor. It is also great for pairing with minimalist furnishings to keep that clean and relaxed look.


The color stardew can be used effectively to create a farmhouse ambiance as the color pairs great with whitewashed wood finishes and rustic wood furnishings.

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best dining room paint colors for 2019. Visit this page to see the best paint color apps for color matching to get the perfect shade for your design.

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